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Does telling people about environmental issues just put them off?

Sustainability, passion – how should I presume?
Should I shout it from the rooftops? And do I dare to care?

I’ve been living in Brighton for a month now. Meeting new people, pubbing more (but not excessively, he adds, hastily). Refocusing my time for a new place and a new lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s hard to make any change at all in a world that seems to be so resistant to it when it comes to sustainability. Living a more sustainable life is about being responsible, and that’s never been a popular choice in a world that just wants to go out and have fun. […]

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All ready for the (chilly) naked Brighton bike ride

The naked bike ride
Having driven around Brighton and Hove for a couple of weeks it’s not hard to see why using a bike to get around might be a good idea. Driving is not that easy, parking can be difficult and expensive. In most respects it’s a better place to walk, cycle or bus around.

I’ve […]

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I want a sustainable dining table – how hard can it be?

I’m not paranoid, it is a conspiracy

It’s surprisingly difficult to get  yourself a new dining suite if you don’t want to buy brand new. We needed to change our dining room table as we are moving house and it’s the wrong shape for the new house. You know how it goes. Even if it were the right shape the one we have is getting pretty old and it when we bought it from Ikea for £150 about ten years ago it was never meant to last that long. […]

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A three minute way to fix most wet iPhones

“Can’t be repaired” is just a matter of opinion.

Thanks to the helpful ideas from Sustainia and The Restart Project I now have at least two ways to fix Sue’s iPhone just in case the current fixers can’t do it. Like most repairs it’s about learning to open it up and look inside. Then you’ll know the sheer joy of looking at something and knowing you fixed it yourself.


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“A wet iPhone cannot be repaired” -OH CAN’T IT?!!

I’m saying “no” to the make-sell-dump life.

Somewhere in this blog I must have mentioned the day Sue took her almost-new iPhone 5c and accidentally dropped it “into a large quantity” of water. I’m not going into details about where this unfortunate event took place, except to say it could have happened to anyone.

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  • Duracell rechargeable

rechargeable batteries now cheaper than throwaway

Have you considered rechargeable batteries recently? If, like me you gave up rechargeables a while ago because you were spending so much time recharging them, have another look.  I bought a pack of four 2400mAh Duracell rechargeable batteries for £6.58 including packaging from iCell Media on Amazon. They have already gone up to £9.61 but it’s still cheap […]

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My thermal gloves need replacing – I have a ‘Larry’ moment

29/12 Sustainable in 2015

my ten-year-old thermal gloves

Suddenly the weather has dropped to minus zero and I have a problem with my thermal gloves – they seem to have lost some of their thermal properties. I know I can pick up a new pair for about £5 in a motorway service station, but I’ve made a deal with myself not to buy new where I don’t need to.


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  • my neglected bike

2015: I’m going to get out on that bike

In the attached photo you will see my trusty old push bike, waiting patiently in the shed accompanied by the five pumps I own, none of which can I get to work.

In 2015 I am going to become a sustainable consumer. Or at least a more sustainable one. And I’m going to write down for you how I get on, week by week, or at least as often as I can get to my laptop to do it. […]

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Thrifty Greenie blog: 7 affordable alternatives to organic cotton

If #organic cotton is so necessary, why is so expensive? When it comes to night gear I’ve always liked the cheap, scruffy and cosy look but there comes a time when I look at my worn out, torn, tattered pyjamas and say to myself “Clive, maybe that time has come”.

The trauma I experience in having to replace any one of my possessions is not made any easier by the fact that I struggle to find environmentally-responsible choices. […]

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  • Brighton Fashion Week

A dress made entirely from recycled waste …

Wearing the #circular economy.

For #brighton fashion week 2014, Veolia joined forces with the Dumpster Design studio to create a rather unusual dress …


Curated from livingcircular.veolia.com


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Green Issues by Agy: Four Ways to Wear Your Upcycled Skirt

I made this upcycled skirt ages ago and didn’t find the time to take photos or write about it. Anyway, yes, you heard right, you can wear your upcycled skirt in FOUR different ways, and it is easy to do. Just make sure that the skirt you have is made of jersey material ie, stretchy […]

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  • a sad cat

Story of my life #3

… in which I lose the cat, find it again, destroy my iPhone and accidentally trash something I borrow without the owner knowing

30/9 – 9am – lost the cat again, broke the phone and also Scott’s cable. Before we lost the cat again we managed to find it, which involved my being woken up at […]

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How 3D Printing Will Impact Your Future

Techno innovation strategist Rudy de Waele looks at the #3d printing future and the frontrunners who will take us there.

Curated from thenextweb.com

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Wiwi [recycled] shoes | Recyclart

How about this? Used tyres + coffee sacks = new shoes.



Curated from www.recyclart.org

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10 sharing economy underdogs you should know – TechRepublic

It’s not all Uber and AirBnB out there …



Curated from www.techrepublic.com

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  • It's definitely a queen, I think.

3-D print your own Marcel Duchamp chess set

Print your own art-deco #chess set using – well, a 3D printer … This one’s definitely a queen, I think.


Curated from www.fastcodesign.com

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The story of my life, episode 2

our cat’s commitment issues, the Scottish weather and jilting Facebook part 2
Our cat has commitment issues

with cat

Our cat, Rocky, cannot seem to stay in one place for more than a few days. Lost cat notices are going out this weekend, but meanwhile if you happen to see a lovely looking cat with no tail and no sense of loyalty whatsoever please get in touch.

without cat


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The sharing economy comes home in Cohousing : TreeHugger

Everyone talks about the sharing economy, but not that many talk about cohousing, which is a shame because it is a great example of people working together, to consciously commit to living as a community.


Curated from www.treehugger.com

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  • night at the proms

The story of my life! part one

New feature! Why I’m (almost) jilting Facebook, the builders in our home and my afternoon with my good lady Sue at the BBC Proms


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  • ride sharing etiquette

The Yahoo Tech Guide to Ride-Sharing Etiquette

The #sharing economy is alive and thriving, but the question on many people’s minds is this: How does one keep from committing a tragic etiquette faux pas while using, or working for, one of the ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft? We looked to our resident expert, Ms. Buzzetiquette, for answers. […]

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  • Vintage truck bench

Recyclart – Turning vintage truck parts into benches


Cool! – but not sure I’d want to sit back on this one


Curated from www.recyclart.org

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Make your own evening dress from paper | Recyclart

Here’s a great one from Recyclart – crochet your own dress from paper!


Curated from www.recyclart.org

Add your annotation

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  • Keyboard earrings

Solar Traction – sustainability welcomes guest writers!

The Solar Traction sustainability blog has had a makeover and is now an interactive online magazine. More regular updates, more content, more sustainability news, more articles. You are welcome to submit your own content for consideration. Visit www.solartraction.com

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  • Brick phone

Just because your phone sneezes it hasn’t got pneumonia

26 May 2014
How to tell when your #iphone is past it.

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  • green keyboard

Six fun things to do with e-waste

Six positive things you can do with #e-waste. […]

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  • computer_repair

I’m going to fix the damn thing myself, Part 1

There’s a conspiracy against fixing your own computer – here are a few tips


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  • Pete Seeger (1919-2014) - his songs were hymns

It’s time to dream the impossible dream on sustainability

##pete seeger – a musical Nelson Mandela. […]

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  • Now there's a car. Over 40 to the gallon and you could replace anything on it - still can.

Maybe I should build my own laptop

How to make your laptop last forever.

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  • Child with laptop

14 things you may not know about your laptop …

This is the first of a series of short articles on #sustainable computing.

It’s the end of the year and I’ve suddenly noticed my technology is getting out of date. How can I renew it, yet make sustainable buying choices? Before I can make the responsible choice I am sure you’d expect of me, I need to know a few things. Like what they are made of, for example. […]

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  • Rolls Royce

Consumerism is an invention – here’s how it happened

For some strange reason, last week I received an email containing a blog posting by ##marc gunther, a man with connections to the ##guardian sustainable business pages and over 21000 Twitter followers. What was odd was why this article, dated July 18, suddenly arrived. After all, it’s now mid-September. […]

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Is this the end of ‘owning’ things?

Since profiling #ellen macarthur (see article) last week I decided to find out more about the “#circular economy” the Foundation is promoting. The questions I want to look at are

a) Can a circular economy work? and

b) How do we get there? […]

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The coming age of sustainability

Does #sustainability Need a Crisis?

I have been enjoying taking part in a fascinating discussion on one of the many LinkedIn groups, this one involving professionals in the sustainability industry. LinkedIn seems to have truly conquered the discussion forum, although it’s still quite possible to find plenty of GRQ (get-rich-quick) spamming there if you look. […]

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(Non-) sustainability – the top three excuses

With #sustainability, tomorrow never comes

I was talking to a friend on Friday, about this blog, how it was about #sustainable business and so on.

“Trouble is”, she said, “it’s too late”.

I’d like to say this exchange caused me to go away and think: maybe she’s right, perhaps it is already too late to do something about environmental issues that are so ingrained into the way we do business, the way we live, everything. […]

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The growing truth about your energy bills

Where has all the power gone?

Gone to China every one.

The UK #energy watchdog #ofgem has announced that we can look forward to higher energy bills for the foreseeable future – and possible power cuts – as the country is planning to decommission several high-pollution plants and no one is replacing them.

So the question is, what happened to the promise of #nuclear power and the companies that were once so keen to provide it? An interesting picture emerges … […]

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Turning used truck tyres back into oil – but is it viable?










While researching another company I came across a YouTube video for Klean Industries Inc., a privately-owned company based in Vancouver, Canada. Klean Industries use technologies such as #pyrolysis and gasification which decompose carbon-based substances into energy […]

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The Mud Maid of Heligan

photograph by Clive Margolis

The #mud maid lives at the #lost gardens of heligan, near St. Austell in Cornwall, England.

She lives in the land. More than an admiring observer, she is part of nature itself. She is a grass mermaid, half woman, half landscape. […]

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Help! even charities won’t take our furniture

Last week I found out how hard it can be to give away used furniture. In the end though we did manage it so I’ve added a link – so you don’t have to go through the same humiliation we did. We’re moving. Next challenge after finding the recycled wood dining table (not the one in last week’s picture btw, a bit less grand than that) is to get rid of our eight-foot Ikea dining table. It’s been in the family about twelve years and looks great after Aaron coated it with floor varnish a while back.

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  • toothpaste tubes to precious metal

Scientists turn old toothpaste tubes into fuel and precious metal

Nestlé, Kraft Foods and Mondelez International are part-funding a new commercial-scale recycling plant that can turn old toothpaste tubes into aluminium and fuel in just three minutes.


Curated from www.edie.net

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